What An Amazing AFPA Trust Beaujolais Nouveau Event!

And the people just kept on coming…!

As you can see from the photos, Harry’s Bar was heaving recently, with people who had come from all over the country and from all parts of the Lending sector.  Over 100 places had been booked and yet more people turned up at the door on the day, brilliant!  At the height of the afternoon, the place was pretty full.  This event was a real buzz and it was so good to see everyone enjoying themselves in support of the nominated charity.

This sort of thing does the reputation of our industry no end of good and the charities which benefit always help to spread the good word.  Over the last few AFPA events held this year, the Somerset High Sheriff’s charity, ‘Unlocking Potential’  has seen over £16,000 raised for its good cause and they could not be more appreciative. 

As our Chairperson said to everyone who attended and to the sponsors. AFPA’s members and friends are the people that cause these things to happen, their continual willingness to join in and to contribute is very gratifying.  Long may it continue!

AFPA is a real force for good in our market!

  • As an individual, if you are not already a member please do think about joining. 
  • As a Company operating in, or supporting, the Lending Sector and not already an occasional sponsor, please do contact us to see how you can help. 

See: www.afpatrust.com

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