Late Lunch In Cooperation With AF-PA

Peter McDonnell recently held one of his legendary ‘Late Lunches’ and took the opportunity to work with AF-PA to raise funds for St Giles School. A big thank you to the attendees for their fabulously generous donation (£1,440 including gift aid). Absolutely brilliant!

One of the delights of the way that AF-PA raise funds for great causes is by using the AF-PA Lite format. This is all about friends, colleagues, mates and people who have not met before getting together for either a pre-arranged event or ad-hock version. The idea is that the attendees put anything from £5 upwards into the pot, which is then added to the AF-PA receipts. Now..if you have at least one friend, you can raise £10+ for a great cause and appear here as we let everyone know what great people you are 🙂 Just let us know how it went at

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