Aysha Ellis-Aziz Appointed as Deputy Chairwoman of AFPA Trust

Asset Finance Professionals Association (AFPA) Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of Aysha Ellis-Aziz as the new Deputy Chairwoman, reinforcing the charity’s dedication to dynamic and impactful leadership.

Aysha offers a deep understanding of the organisation’s principles and goals from her five years of dedicated service as an AFPA Board Trustee, further enhancing her capacity to make significant contributions in this expanded leadership role. In this role, Aysha will collaborate with the Board as a whole, including recently appointed Chairman Robert Taylor, to steer strategic initiatives, strengthen the Trust’s outreach programs, and offer invaluable leadership.

Robert Taylor, Chairman of AFPA Trust commented, “We extend a warm welcome to Aysha in her new role as Deputy Chairwoman, leveraging her extensive five-year tenure as an AFPA Board Trustee. Aysha’s proven dedication and deep understanding of AFPA Trust’s values make her a natural choice to lead in this capacity. Her leadership will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in advancing our mission and driving positive change within the industry.”

Aysha commented on her new role “It’s an honour and a pleasure for me to take on the role of Deputy Chairwoman at AFPA Trust. Working together with our new Chairman, Robert Taylor, and the entire Board of Trustees, I’m eager to continue this journey in a more significant capacity. She goes on to say, “As Deputy Chairwoman, my primary focus will be on building upon the strong foundation we’ve established and driving the Trust’s mission to new heights.”

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