AFPA Trust Members Watercooler Meetings – Starting 12:00, Friday 10th July 2020

Our weekly AFPA Trust drop-in Zoom conferences were set up to provide a lending sector touch point, in direct response to the Lockdown.  So, as businesses are now opening up again and people are going back to work (if they ever stopped), in order to concentrate on economic and business recovery, these regular lunchtime Friday get togethers have now come to an end.

However they did prove very popular, with scores of people passing through them at some stage of the crisis, so we have decided to retain something of this new model and to instead hold similar virtual gatherings for AFPA Trust members, but on a monthly basis.

As the Corona Virus lockdown really was/still is a real crisis and AFPA Trust has a lot of friends to keep in touch with, the weekly meetings were open to all and that was brilliant, but as we now move towards the future, these new monthly meetings will be open to paid up members only, who will have automatic free access to this sector discussion platform as a part of their membership.

Do not worry though, if you are not already a member you can join for just £25 per annum here and don’t forget, your membership fee itself also goes towards our various designated good causes.

The time and date of the first ‘Watercooler’ meetings will be 12.00 Friday 10th July, with Adrian Langford and Stephen Bassett as initial co-hosts. They will then repeat at the same time on the second Friday of each month, for as long as sufficient members want them to and sufficient hosts are willing!  

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