Farewell Vicky and Thank You! x

Very regrettably, our friend Vicky passed away in February. 

We understand her funeral is to be held in Northampton on Tuesday 31st March, but none of us can attend due to the current crisis.

To all of us on the AFPA Trust Board, Vicky was an enthusiastic and trusted colleague. 

Vicky was always recognisable at any gathering by her strikingly red hair and this typical photo shows her, in happier times, hobnobbing with the Leicester Tigers and Saracens at Twickenham 

Last year Vicky organised a jolly canal-side AFPA-Lite get together for us in Leeds and in November last, although unwell, she made the huge effort to come and join all AFPA members and friends who attended our Beaujolais Day event in London, at Harry’s Bar.

That was the last time most of us saw her.

Vicky will be sadly missed.

AFPA Trust is making a donation to Vicky’s favourite charity and should you wish to do so too, then you can find them HERE Just quote ’Vicky – AFPA’ and they will know why they have received it

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